Take the Stairs

Elevators and escalators have been a great convenience for many people, but it turns out that these are robbing people of needed exercise throughout the day. For those looking for a way to get back into shape, their doctor might advise them to take the stairs instead. Not everyone will be able to follow this advice if there are no stairs in their work place, but they can find other ways to add in a few minutes of exercise they might normally miss.

One of the things many people still do is shop at large stores, and fighting for the nearest parking space for their vehicle has been part of the normal routine. Parking further out gives them the advantage of storing their vehicle with less trouble, and they get the added benefit of a brisk walk to the store of their choice. They must also walk a bit further when their purchases have been made, so they get double the exercise in one shot.

Many modern cities have public transportation, and commuters have found this is a good way to get back and forth between work and home. For those who need to tack on a few minutes of exercise, walking an extra block or two can be a good idea. They might not be able to do it every day on their way in to work, but adding those few extra steps at the end of the day will find them feeling better as they sink into a seat on the bus or train.

When it comes to eating lunch at work, many people have looked forward to sitting down and relaxing with their fellow employees. Those who need to add a fitness routine might consider starting their lunch break with a brisk stroll around the parking lot, or they could simply walk to a neighborhood restaurant instead of driving.