Finding the Right Support

When it comes to making lifestyle changes, it is always helpful to know someone else already on the same path. Mutual support is one of the ways people are often able to meet their goals. Finding the right support for getting fit and healthy can be difficult in some ways. A person may be able to find the perfect fitness trainer, and they might stumble across a nutritionist with great recipes. What might be stopping them is finding someone to understand why they want to make changes. It may seem ludicrous, but there are times when family and friends are resistant to someone choosing a new lifestyle.

The world harbours many different cultures, and some of them are filled with the need to share food. The sharing of food with friends and relatives is often about showing the person cars. Some cultures have taught their citizens to be filled with pride when people eat a lot of their food, and others may feel a need to pressure people into eating more than they would normally. All of these are cultures where announcing a new diet and exercise regimen may meet resistance.

Just as with food, a larger body may be a way to show wealth. People in this type of culture may believe trimming down to a smaller size is an insult. They may not particularly see it as a healthy course of action, and it could be due to the fact their culture has little experience with medical issues associated with obesity. Some people within this type of culture could see a person’s new exercise routine as a way of hunting themselves, and it could make them resistant to the idea.

Motivation is often a key element of creating a new lifestyle, so finding someone able to appreciate the work and effort can be important. A person with resistant family and friends may find their best motivation comes from a new source while they avoid the dismissive attitude of those they love.